Ocean Kinetics have a history of leveraging our broad skills base for the Renewables Sector. From certified pipework and structural fabrications to subsea installation of tidal generators, we have a reputation for delivering solutions to complex problems in the most difficult of environments and the Renewables Sector.

Have a look at some of the case studies to see examples of items that we have manufactured, inspected, maintained and installed. It should be clear to see that we take pride in our work and that our teams are highly skilled. Our comprehensive accreditations provide assurance that our workmanship is second to none and that we provide the highest levels of quality assurance for our fabrication. We have an exemplary record on health, safety & environmental performance.

Whether you are replacing a bearing, designing a tidal generator, fabricating a frame, or just need maintenance support; let Ocean Kinetics support you with our extensive workshop facilities and site services.

Please contact us for assistance and support about our renewable services.