World class energy industry support - based in Shetland.

Ocean Kinetics are a versatile and dynamic engineering company operating throughout Shetland, all over the UK and overseas. We specialise in the energy and marine sectors where our complimentary range of skills brings innovative solutions to many of our client’s challenges.

We’ve been providing a wide range of welding, fabrication and mechanical services to various clients at Sullom Voe terminal and the Shetland gas plant for many years now. Our credentials include our local presence, intimate and extensive knowledge of the sites and our capability of providing unique and professional Shetland based solutions coupled with international class accreditation.

We are large enough to tackle virtually all scopes required and provided over 70 personnel for completion works on the Shetland Gas Plant in 2016. We’re also flexible and can have tradesmen on site for half a day’s work when necessary. With a demonstrable track record of hundreds of successfully completed scopes on SVT we can provide comfort and confidence that we know how to operate safely and industriously on site. With no mobilisation and accommodation costs we also bring significant cost savings.

Our forte is finding solutions to challenging problems and we’ve recently been carrying out works for Exxon Mobill and Ineos in central Scotland. Our ability to provide a full turnkey service eliminating the requirement for the client managing multiple separate contractors has proven to be highly effective and attractive to these innovative operators.

With years of experience in providing marine services we have been able to bring sophisticated technical support to the offshore energy sector operating in waters close to Shetland where Lerwick is ideally situated as a service port. With fully qualified, multi-skilled divers, we can undertake underwater welding, R.O.V services and mooring and inspection works. In addition, with our fully equipped modern fabrication shop and stores we can meet all requirements with the speed that is often required for such support.

We believe in staying ahead of the game and ensuring we exceed client’s expectations. Our custom built workshops were recently constructed to meet and surpass all the latest regulations and standards required by the energy industry. We have a programme of continual investment in machining equipment and training and have a history of regularly adding to the various engineering services we offer to meet the sectors growing needs.

We have just completed work on the construction and modification of a new NDT testing facility which will soon open for business providing energy class inspection for our clients in Shetland.

We’re a lean, proactive engineering service company working alongside the energy sector in Scotland with an appreciation and understanding of the issues impacting on our client’s bottom line.

We also like to finish with our most important value and that’s safety. We’ve had no lost time accidents in all our many years working on the energy terminals in Shetland. We’re proud of that record and everyone on our team works avidly every day to keep it that way.

Contact us or call along any time to discuss your issues, visit our workshops and find out what we can do. Very few visitors do not leave pleasantly surprised.

"I would like to take the opportunity to thank Ocean Kinetics Team & Management for their support to the project.” Khaled Ghabboura, Project Director, Petrofac, Laggan-Tormore SGP Project

Fabrication, Maintenance and more

Ocean Kinetics supply fabrications, structures and pipe work to Sullom Voe Terminal as well undertaking repairs and range of maintenance and repair work at the Sullom Voe Power Station.

We have also designed and built equipment for offshore use, such as the Pipeline Inspection Gauge we supplied BP for the Clair Field 47 miles west of Shetland.

From design through to completion we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver highly technical solutions to our energy clients.

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